Control room


We built our studio with a focus on great gear, amazing vibe and the perfect sound. This room was custom treated and is equipped with a full Protools HD2 rig, tons of amazing plugins and fantastic preamps. Click here to view our entire gear list

Live room

Example-05 Example-06

Our live room is huge and is perfect for capturing amazing sounding live drums, guitars, bass, pianos, horns, strings, kazoos, wood bocks, jews harps, vibraslaps, Vuvuzelas .... You name it.

Isolation room


Our quiet room was acoustically treated and is a perfect for everything from intimate voice overs to tracking amazing sounding strings.


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Our lounge doubles as a screening room for video production. It is not only a place for bands to come and unwind but it is also a great venue for showcasing your new music video or corporate presentations.